GP’s 2022 Global Workforce Survey Results

Today’s workforce is planning ahead. GP’s 2022 Global Employee Survey gathered input from thousands of employees across nine sectors and revealed that today’s workforce is actively engaged in their professional futures and careers – and is interested in pursuing new opportunities and industries despite recent waves of economic uncertainty. This year’s survey asked respondents from … Read more

GP (Globalization Partners) 2023 Forecast

GP Leadership Team Focuses on Global Recruiting Trends, HR Tech and What Matters to Employees in 2023We are living through an age of transformation, redefining what work means for all of us along the way. HR technology and recruitment in particular have undergone significant changes over the years. As a company that provides talent that … Read more

GP is the official global employment partner of Golden State Warriors

GP recently signed a multi-year partnership with the Golden State Warriors, naming GP the official global employment partner of the seven-time NBA champions and highlighting the organizations’ shared mission to unlock global opportunities for everyone. This new partnership between Warriors and GP reflects the shared global mindset of both companies. And it’s no secret that … Read more

GP is revolutionizing global expansion with its AI-enabled global growth solutions

Today’s businesses are breaking free from traditional paradigms and redefining success on their terms. However, the journey towards global expansion has often been hampered by complex regulations, time-consuming processes and compliance challenges. Enter GP, a leading leader in the global employment industry, changing the way companies expand globally at a time of unprecedented workforce turnover. … Read more

Organization setup or EOR? 8 takeaways from GP experts

Expanding globally has evolved from a discretionary choice to a critical strategic imperative for forward-thinking businesses. While there are numerous advantages for global entrants, decisions made in the early stages of global expansion can often shape the trajectory of the entire venture. Catherine Barnes, senior employment consulting manager at GP, recently sat down with Thomas … Read more