3 Ways GP Helped Lead New England Patriots To Greater Global Fandom

The GP Consumer Advocacy team has the privilege of working with companies across a wide range of industries to share their inspiring success stories. Today, we’re happy to share the story of how Kraft Sports + Entertainment (KSE), the organization behind the world famous New England Patriots, began building its business in Europe.

In 2022, the Patriots took the opportunity to enter the German market through the NFL’s Global Market Program. By making Germany its official international home market, KSE is now free to promote and market the Patriots as they do in the US, a true turning point moment for both the Patriots and the league.

To promote the Patriots across Europe and establish a genuine connection with fans, KSE needs to hire a local expert with boots on the ground in Germany. Navigating a new market is not easy; The team was aware of the significant investment of time and resources required to operate in a new country. Miranda McKenzie, director of benefits, compensation and systems at Kraft Group & Affiliates, KSE’s parent company, highlighted the differences in international HR regulations, saying, “New laws, new pay practices, new benefits programs – every country has different rules. to follow

KSE has chosen to act as Employer of Record (EOR) along with GP. As a pioneer and recognized leader in the EOR industry, GP enabled KSE to quickly hire, onboard and manage personnel anywhere in the world without the need to set up a local organization.

Using EOR services available as part of GP Meridian Prime™, GP’s premium enhancement and global employment package, KSE was able to hire the first German while maintaining its own rigorous standards in three ways:

  1. Efficient onboarding with compliance assurance
    GP’s HR expertise assures compliance with international legal and regulatory frameworks, making it easy for KSE to hire employees across sectors with confidence. From drafting contracts to implementing compliant pay practices and benefits programs, GP Meridian Prime provides KSE with the assurance it needs to recruit globally in compliance with local employment laws and regulations.

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